Use SKIDDD Wheel Indicators to safely check tire rotation, save on repair costs, and keep your rig moving on time.

Tires on a truck full of ground

Reduce Repair Costs and Rig Downtime

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The SKIDDD Wheel Indicators enable drivers to safely monitor their wheels by simply glancing at their side-view mirrors. Regardless of the weather conditions, drivers can rely on the durability of these indicators, as they maintain their flexibility even in extreme temperatures as low as -55°C due to their high-quality nylon plastic material, allowing drivers, trucks, and trailers to stay safe.

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Thousands in Savings

Protect your tires and save on downtime. In just 200 feet, locked-up tires can be destroyed. SKIDDD Wheel Indicators offer an affordable solution that swiftly identifies tire issues, extends tire lifespan, and keeps your vehicle on the road. SKIDDD Wheel Indicators make it simple to identify locked up tires, saving you time and money.

How Does it Work?

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