A flat spot on a tire will occur within 200 feet of drag. A dragged tire has lost its circumference and the torque specs of the wheel would be unsafe due to the stress on the hub, studs and the rim. A wheel rotates 489 revolutions within a distance of a mile. The heat generated by a locked tire creates stress on other mechanical parts of the wheel assembly, making it an unsafe tire on a moving trailer.

Currently, drivers are implementing inconvenient and dangerous techniques to check if their wheels are rotating properly; some of which include painting the tires (zebra look) or placing snowballs on each tire. These techniques require the driver to swing the trailer out up to 90 degrees side to side or in some cases, put the truck in gear and jumping out of the moving rig to see if all the wheels are functioning properly.

Skiddd Wheel Indicators are the only product that allows drivers to determine if the wheels are rotating using just their rear view mirrors. This eliminates any need for hazardous driving behaviour and time consuming procedures, keeping drivers on the road and on time.

A Government test of the SKIDDD Indicator was performed in the United States and Canada for a period of 18 months. The drivers felt comfortable with the SKIDDD Indicators which were clearly visible when viewing from their truck mirrors.

There are too many accidents occurring because of this issue and installing SKIDDD Indicators on your rig is a cost affective way to prevent them from happening.

Keep the safety bonuses in your drivers' pocket by going through less tires and practicing safe driving behaviour.