• Expense Breakdown
  • Cost Per Tire
  • Per Set of 4
  • Replacement Tire
  • $535
  • $2140
  • Rebuilt Tire
  • $185
  • $740
  • Tire Core
  • $75
  • $300
  • Rig Downtime
  • $$$
  • $$$

A quality set of well maintained trailer tires will last upwards of 350,000 miles. When a tire is locked up damage will occur within 200 feet of travel. The SKIDDD Indicator can ensure you get the most life out of each tire saving time and money. The trucking industry plays a crucial role in the supply chain of most businesses in the world today. Each minute of downtime spent on maintenance and repairs cost not only the truck owners money, but also the countless businesses relying on a timely delivery. A set of 4 Wheel Indicators is under $30; a direct investment in maintaining your businesses punctual reputation and cutting annual repair costs.