SKIDDD was formed in 1998 when founder Tim Broten recognized a need for a higher standard of safety and reliability for truck and trailer tires. Owning TB Tire & Son in Starbuck, MB Canada and spending some time in the trucking industry has shown Tim both sides of the devastating effects locked up tires can have.

About the Product

SKIDDD Wheel Indicators was born with a vision for safety for drivers of large semi-trailers and turn pikes. Tires occasionally lock due to mechanical and brakepot failure, air valve and line complications, freeze ups, or drivers forgetting to release the spike brake. Regardless of the cause, the SKIDDD Wheel Indicator allows the driver to determine whether or not a tire is rotating. The SKIDDD Indicator allows the driver to spot the locked tire and resolve the issue before any permanent damage or accident occurs.

The SKIDDD Indicator is made of a special nylon plastic which at -55°C still holds its flexibility and will not crack or tear off. There are three sizes to comply with trailer rims including: Daytons, Unimounts, and Buds. The SKIDDD Wheel Indicator is visible to the driver from the cab but, does not encroach on the maximum allowable road width.

The SKIDDD Wheel Indicator is jam nutted onto the wheel stud with 25 lbs. of torque. The indicator rests on the outer portion of the rim, sticking out 2″ from the wheel, allowing the driver to view the indicator from the rear view mirrors of his cab. By just moving his trailer 2′ forward or backwards, the driver would be able to view his rotating tires, making this procedure a safe check of his trailer wheels.